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Revive Age By Restoring Function

We ensure you extend your healthspan and promote longevity. We promote your wellness with innovative therapeutics and biomarker screening panels

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Age-MAP™ : Biological Age
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Age-MAP™ HealthSpan: Comprehensive genomics plus Biological age
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Revive Age by Restoring Function

Acasta Health Private Ltd. is an innovative Healthcare Biotech start-up, focused on addressing aging related health conditions and promoting Health – Span and Longevity. 


Know your Real Biological Age and Plan your Sports/Health/Wellness programs accordingly

What is biological age?

Biological aging represents the actual aging process or set of processes that cause the viability of organs to deteriorate over time. Chronological aging refers to the passage of time or simply reflects your date of birth and calendar year associated with aging.


Enhance the Health-Span and Promote Longevity.


To use innovative proactive approaches to repair, regenerate, retain and restore the aging tissue integrity and function.

Founder 's Message

Dr. Suresh Poosala, MS, DVM, PhD. Previously, Chief of Comparative Medicine at National Institute on Aging, USA

“There is an unmet need for addressing several degenerative diseases associated with aging, which can be addressed by innovative ways to help restore and revive the specific tissues. I started Acasta to find novel ways to promote healthy aging, thereby improving the quality of life, healthspan and longevity”