Solid Cancers

Solid Cancers

We use patient derived tumor organoids as platforms to screen novel drugs or drugs identified by AI/ML for repurposing to solid cancer treatment. We explore nanobodies, ADC and other biological for accomplishing this.

Majority of the solid cancers show case heterogeneity in histology, genomic aberrations, and protein expression that influence treatment response and therapeutic outcome.

The traditional parameters include histopathology, tumor grade and size, nodal involvement, and biomarker expression.

Image source: Hofmann, S., Cohen-Harazi, R., Maizels, Y. and Koman, I., 2022. Patient-derived tumor spheroid cultures as a promising tool to assist personalized therapeutic decisions in breast cancer. Translational cancer research, 11(1), p.134.

These models have shown superiority in recapitulating the characteristics of cancer, such as the tumor architecture of solid cancers and the intra tumor heterogeneity associated with various cancer types.

Cancer candidates in Acasta Health’s portfolio are:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs)

At Acasta Health, we already have established in vitro spheroid platform for various solid cancers to study tumor biology and drug screening purposes.