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What is Secretome?

The secretome is the set of proteins expressed by an organism and secreted into the extracellular space, accounting for 13-20% of human proteins. It includes cytokines, growth factors, extracellular matrix proteins, regulators, and shed receptors, pivotal for intercellular communication and physiological processes.

Role of Secretomes

Secretomes can influence biologic activity of the different cells.The surface receptors cells recognize the exosomes, which then fuses to the target cell membrane and get ingested through endocytosis by the target cell.

"Renew and Restore: Harnessing Umbilical Cord Secretomes for Beauty and Wellness"

The composition of RNA, proteins and lipids in the exosomes derived from stem cells can rejuvenate cells affected by aging

Ocular Surface Healing

Wound Healing

Hair growth

Skin Rejuvenation

Cartilage Rejuvenation